Blind Spots

In order to see a potential hazard that hazard has to be registered by the brain.

Illustrations of Blind Spots

To illustrate blind spots we will use the example of the eye which has blind spots where there are no receptors. Do the following

  1. Close your right eye
  2. Look and keep your left eye on the X

You will find that the car will disappear when it reaches the blind spot.

Demonstration of blind spot

For the following example, do as above but move your head towards the screen. The 0 will disappear.

Demonstration of blind spot

Driving Blind Spots

In driving there are two areas where blind spots can be a problem.

Use of the mirrors is critical to safe driving but they can leave spots that are not visible. By adjusting your mirrors and looking over your shoulder you can reduce or eliminate this problem. When driving next to other vehicles you need to ensure that you are not driving in their blind spot.
The construction of the car does leave pillars which are often thick enough to produce a sizeable blind spot. A head movement and extra check can eliminate this problem.

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