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Do your drivers have insight into their strengths and weaknesses as drivers?

Are they aware whether their Hazard Perception skills are good bad or indifferent? Are they aware of their Speed profile relative to other drivers?

Are they aware of their susceptibility to falling asleep at the wheel?

Perception and Performance was created to respond to a new force in the market place. Increasingly it is acknowledged that the greatest occupational risk faced by organisations is that of driving. As organisations recognise this and are made legally accountable for risks faced by their employees a new rigour is required in the products that are offered. To respond to that new rigour we have designed our modules based on the latest scientific research and can provide the psychometric properties of the modules. In this way we believe that clients who use our products are able to justify their processes in dealing with their health and safety responsibilities. To date over 20,000 drivers have used the Driving Risk Profile.

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